Our Vision for a Bedfordshire Music Hub

There is much good practice currently taking place in the area for the new music hub to build on.

We believe that hubs can build on the work of music services and schools to improve the opportunities for all children and young people.

We propose:

1.  All lower schools have the opportunity to participate in our Sing Out, Play Out programme which will offer:

  •  a term of whole class vocal delivery
  •  a term of instrumental delivery
  •  revisits and performance opportunities in the summer term.

The instrumental strand is usually recorder or percussion-based. All instruments will be provided.  If a school requires other instrumentation, we endeavour to meet its request

2. To continue to offer a wide range of instrumental and vocal opportunities in schools, in both group and individual settings.

3.  To develop further our ensemble provision for both beginners and more experienced musicians of all ages at our four Music Centres

4.  To continue offering music courses in collaboration with our partners in the Bedford Music Trust.

5.  To build on the very successful programme offered through Sing Up in previous years and offer CPD opportunities targeted at areas identified in consultation with schools.