What instruments can students learn?

At middle and upper school, lessons are offered on strings, brass, woodwind, keyboards, guitar, drum kit and percussion instruments. In lower schools, children generally start learning from Year 3 onwards and the range of suitable instruments for the age group is more restricted. Please contact us or the music coordinator at your school to find out what is on offer.

Where and when do lessons take place?

Most lessons will be delivered each week at your child’s school by a member of Inspiring Music’s teaching team and last 20 – 30 minutes depending on the size of the group. Schools and instrumental teachers will often arrange rotating timetables to ensure that pupils do not miss the same class lesson each week. Some teaching may also take place at the end of the school day, or at area Music Centres. Guitar and keyboard classes are also available at our four Music Centres on Saturday mornings during term time.

In the initial stages of learning, lessons are usually delivered in a group setting. As your child progresses, especially in middle and upper schools, lessons may also be provided on an individual basis.

There are designated teaching weeks and make-up weeks if a teacher is unavoidably absent. Open the calendar to view the teaching weeks.

Do I have to provide an instrument for my child?

String, brass, and most woodwind instruments can usually be loaned to beginners FREE OF CHARGE for at least the first two years of learning, although we are happy to teach students on their own instruments from the outset.

We are not able to provide pianos, keyboards, percussion instruments or guitars.

If a shortage of a particular instrument is delaying the start of lessons, our instrumental teachers will always be happy to give parents professional guidance and advice on hiring instruments.

We would always recommend hiring instruments from local instrumental retailers rather than buying during the first term or so of lessons. Second-hand ‘bargains’ may not always be a good investment.

If you want to buy an instrument for your child, Inspiring Music offers an Assisted Instrument Purchase scheme. You can ask your child’s music teacher about this or click on the link below

Assisted instrument purchase information leaflet
Assisted instrument purchase order form

For prices and enrolment details, please visit out FAQs page