Folk music

EFDSS is the national folk arts development organisation for England. 

They champion the English traditional arts:

  • music
  • song
  • dance
  • storytelling
  • customs and traditions – as part of the rich and diverse cultural landscape of the UK

They are about preserving them, and do that in their award winning library, the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library (VWML) named after former president, the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams.

They are also about promoting - shouting about the richness and huge variety of art forms and wonderful people that work under this all-encompassing, very elastic term called FOLK, and providing endless opportunities for people to get involved.

Folk is living, breathing and constantly being re-invented; they encourage artists to be inspired by the songs and dances that have been handed down through the generations and support them in various ways to create new songs, tunes and dances.

From big bands to solo singers, Morris dancers to contemporary choreographers, schools to mass participation, intimate folk clubs to major concert halls – our work reaches far and wide. 

For more information, visit the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) website.