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Inspiring Music at AmpProms

AmpProms is on Saturday, 6 July in the Great Park, Ampthill and we'll be taking part in the event. This is where we'll be...

African Percussion Workshop (on The Golden Hare Stage from 1pm to 2:20pm)

The infectious rhythms played on African Djembe drums will lure you in to come and have a go. Joel Blunden from Inspiring Music will lead a workshop session where you can come along to take part in some call and response activities using syncopated cross rhythms that will get everyone dancing! All welcome!

Ukulele workshop (on The Golden Hare Stage from 2:40pm to 4pm)

The ukulele is a member of the guitar family, originally from Hawaii and its name actually translates to “jumping flea”! Come along to our workshop with inspiring Music’s tutor Jon Kendall where you will learn how to play this fun and easily accessible instrument by mastering just a few chords! Everyone and anyone welcome to join in and have a go!

The Bandstand

Ampthill Music Centre (AMC) meet every Saturday of term time from 9:30-12:30 at Redborne Upper School and is a great place for families to learn a musical instrument together. AMC offer a huge variety of groups from musical theatre to jazz band, orchestra to hand chimes, and musical explorations to the fantastic concert band who will be performing at the Ampthill Proms. The concert band is made up of a large group of students from the music centre, some beginner, some more advanced and other who have returned to playing after a break. Being invited back to perform at the Ampthill Proms again this year is a great opportunity and a fabulous experience for all the students involved and they are all extremely excited.

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