Picking a musical instrument that suits your child

We can help you and your child decide which musical instrument to learn by arranging for your child to meet a music tutor at their school. 

The music tutor will tell them about the musical instruments offered for tuition and how they can get involved.

All our music tutors will be happy to:

  • demonstrate the instruments they teach
  • explain how they are played
  • give your child a chance to have a go before making a decision

They will also assess them to ensure they are physically comfortable with the instrument of their choice.

Just fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

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What happens after they meet the music tutor?

The music tutor will have assessed to see if your child is suitable for the instrument and if they have availability.

If this is all OK, the music tutor will give you an enrolment information sheet, which will have:

  • the name of the tutor
  • the instrument
  • details about the lesson i.e. if its a group or individual lesson 

If they go to the meeting and are not interested, that is not a problem, there is no obligation on your part.

Do not be put off contacting us in the future if your child does develop and interest.

We are open to you contacting us at any time.