Our activities and achievements

2016-17 activities

Fully hub funded activities

  • 3 Wind Band Days
  • 3 Mini Fiddle Fiestas
  • 3 Fiddle Fiestas
  • 1 KS3/4 Battle of the Bands (new)
  • 1 KS4/5 Battle of the Bands
  • 1 A Level Day( new)
  • 1 Jazz Workshop
  • 1 x Orchestral Jamboree
  • Rock and Pop Workshops
  • 4 x 1 day per week school secondments
  • CPD

Partially hub funded activities

  • 3 Music Centres
  • 56 Sing Out Play Out First Access Projects
  • 30 Whole Class Whole Year Instrumental Classes
  • 7 Large Scale Celebration Concerts
  • 16 Singing Cluster Singing Mornings
  • 70+ Instrumental Assemblies
  • 2 x Massed Choir Events
  • Charanga Licences
  • Sing Up Membership

Extension opportunities signposted through the hub

  • Bedfordshire Music Trust Holiday Courses
  • Sound Garage Holiday Courses

Our achievements

Over the last six years the Inspiring Music Service and the Inspiring Music Education Hub team have:

  • taught 9360 individual/small group instrumental learners
  • ran 174 ensembles in schools
  • taught 6360 children in a whole class whole year instrumental learning setting
  • taught 9,200 children in the First Access Sing Out Play Out programme
  • taught 15,780 children within a six week project
  • ran 18 Soundsmiths whole year project in SEND settings
  • provided 15 fully Hub Funded Wind-Band Events attended by over 1000 children
  • provided 5 fully Funded keyboard Events attended by 75 children
  • provided over 24 Fiddle Fiesta events attended by over 1900 children
  • ran 4 Music Centres which over that period have seen an annual attendance of 180-240 students per year.
  • organised 45 large scale celebration concerts, each of which have featured up to 250 children meaning over 11,000 children have had an opportunity to perform in a professional theatre venue
  • taken 3 massed choirs to perform in the Barnardo’s Christmas concerts, once at St Pauls and twice at Westminster Cathedral giving over 520 children the opportunity to sing to an audience of over 2000, plus the wonderful choir from Heathwood who were 1 of only 4 choirs invited to sing at Barnardo’s 150th Anniversary Celebration, also at Westminster Cathedral
  • taken advanced players to perform with RAF Northolt and RAF Henlow
  • funded 180 students to participate in 2 Orchestral Jamborees.
  • funded 30 students to participate in 2 Jazz Workshops
  • funded 35 students to participate in an A Level Workshop day
  • funded 150 students to participate in 2 Battle of the Bands

We have altered and broadened our offer to schools to meet their needs as well as those of the National Music Plan, the rural nature of our area challenges provision, involving some tutors in significant travel. Where possible tutors work within an area in order to develop teaching within a cluster of schools thus keeping their travel time to a minimum.