Staff and musical instrument stock

Our staff

Inspiring Music currently employs 59 instrumental tutors, all bar 3 are part-time and the majority are self-employed. We teach, on average 1500 pupils per year and the pupils and tutors are supported by a small administration team.

Instrumental offer

Our instrumental offer within schools reflects the strengths of our tutors with students able to learn all orchestral, keyboard, percussion and guitar instruments subject to tutor availability in the locality.

Our focus on quality assurance means schools know they can promote our work to parents with confidence.

Our musical instrument stock

Our stock of orchestral instruments which we loan to students having individual or small group lessons is incredibly important to us. We try to ensure that any child taking up an orchestral instrument has access to a free instrument in their first two years of learning.

We are currently seeking willing volunteers to set up a Friends of Inspiring Music to help support the continued provision of instruments and opportunities for future learners.

We have been able to use the Arts Council Funds to provide significant whole class instrumental resources and are incredibly proud of the number of children with whom we have engaged in our role as Lead Partner for the Inspiring Music Education Hub in response to the National Plan for Music. 

Pbones and brass tuition have proved to be very popular as has guitar, ukulele and clarineo with some school staff learning alongside their pupils and thus being excellent models to their students. Many of the instrumental team have extended their teaching remit to offer whole class and short term instrumental projects and we remain extremely grateful to the vocal animateur team who stayed with the service when we became Inspiring Music and who between them have continued to develop singing in our area.