Getting a musical instrument

We can usually loan string, brass, and most woodwind instruments to beginners free of charge for at least the first three terms of learning, although we are happy to teach students on their own instruments from the outset.

We are not able to provide:

  • pianos

  • keyboards

  • percussion instruments

  • guitars

If a shortage of a particular instrument is delaying the start of lessons, our music tutors will always be happy to give parents professional guidance and advice on hiring instruments.

Hiring instruments

Music instruments can be expensive, so we recommend hiring instruments to start with. We have listed a few suppliers below – please be aware that we do not endorse any individual supplier and recommend you do your own online research:

If you want to buy an instrument for your child, Inspiring Music offers an Assisted Instrument Purchase scheme.

Buying an instrument

Before making the decision to buy an instrument, please ensure you seek advice from your child’s music tutor as they will be able to give you personalised advice.

Many shops offer interest free purchases through partners such as Divido and Take it Away

Inspiring Music offers an Assisted Instrument Purchase scheme.