A practical example illustrating how we deliver services 

Ben has been enjoying the group music sessions at school, in fact, it turns out to be his favourite day of the week and he comes home chatting about them. 

Their class was learning about different musical instruments, and the school’s music tutor did a short demonstration on the violin which really got Ben’s attention.

Given his interest, Ben’s parents contact us to arrange a meeting with the music tutor and Ben, to give him a bit more information about what’s involved and to make sure that the violin is suitable for him.

This goes well, and Ben wants to start taking music lessons. We sort out the paperwork with Ben’s parents, including taking payment for the lessons and sorting out free instrument hire.

Ben’s happy and progressing well, and plays with the school orchestra. But, he is eager to get involved in other music groups.

Ben’s parents find information on the Inspiring Music website about options for Ben to join his local Inspiring Music Centre which offers progression to playing with children of different age groups. This will help him improve his playing in a bigger group environment.

Ben finds out at one session that there is a small ensemble that meets in his area once a week. They rehearse in the local village hall and this means that Ben is really improving his playing and meeting a wider group of people who also enjoy playing music together.

Ben enjoys his music so much, that he also enrols to a holiday course over the summer holidays.

This example shows how one child’s interest in learning music can develop to joining one of our Music Centres and then meeting up with a local music group.

Our aim is open doors to as many of these opportunities as possible. The example in this case is a child, but anyone can take up music at any time, through our Inspiring Music Centres as progress to joining other music groups, ensembles, orchestras and bands. The biggest gift of learning music is the joy and camaraderie taking this into wider group environments and performing to friends, family and the general public.