When and where do music lessons take place?

We try to be flexible to arrange times that suit the child, suit the school and also fit with our music tutors, to ensure that we can reach as many children across Central Bedfordshire as possible.

That means we will deliver music lessons in small groups, especially when your child is first starting to learn. By small groups, we mean 2-3 children.

The majority of music lessons are weekly at your child’s school, mainly during the school day. Some teaching may also take place before or after school (limited to availability) or at area Inspiring Music Centres.

We work with schools and tutor availability to try where possible to rotate timetables. This is to ensure that pupils do not miss the same class lesson each week, especially if this is a core subject, such as Maths or English.

Approved Inspiring Music tutors take the lessons. Music lessons last for a minimum of 20 minutes for individual lessons and paired lessons and 30 minutes for larger groups.

Guitar and keyboard classes are also available at our four Inspiring Music Centres on Saturday mornings during term time.

As your child progresses, we can look at providing individual music lessons.

There are designated teaching weeks and make-up weeks if a teacher is unavoidably absent. Open the calendar to view the teaching weeks.

When will music lessons begin?

Most children begin music lessons at the start of the autumn term, but our teachers do take on new pupils throughout the year.

The main periods for recruitment are at the end of the summer term and start of the autumn term each year.

What happens if my child misses lessons?

We currently offer 33 lessons in the academic year.

There are more weeks than this in the teachers’ timetables which allows us to ‘make-up’ for any lessons missed due to school closures or teacher absences if required.

We can make up for lost lessons at the end of the academic year, as not all terms are the same length.

If your child does not turn up for a lesson (without notice), we will count it as one of the 33 lessons offered. If you believe there were extenuating circumstances which meant your child could not attend then contact us.

Calendar of teaching weeks

If you do not believe that your child has had 33 lessons, please contact us in writing or via email.

We will check our teacher’s records and credit any lessons owed.