Singing kids star on stage

School children from all over Central Bedfordshire took to the stage over the last two weeks to sing their hearts out in a series of unique performances at a professional venue.

The Sing Out, Play Out programme has given more than 1,500 children from 34 schools in the area the experience of singing in a massed choir and to a very large audience.

On Thursday 13 June, young people – who have had instrument tuition and weekly vocal sessions with our Inspiring Music service – gave the final performance of seven concerts at Bedford Corn Exchange and, earlier in the month, The Grove Theatre in Dunstable.

Pupils performed songs such as ‘Sing’ written by the Sesame Street composer Joe Raposo, ‘The Market,’ exploring different street cries that you might have heard in yesteryear and ‘Whoop Jamboree,’ a traditional homeward-bound sea shanty.

The audience were also treated to performances from Inspiring Music’s Supergroup project involving students from The Chiltern School and through the music service’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) partnership project with Music for Bedford Borough, Grange Academy and Cauldwell School.

Inspiring Music Director, Charlotte Payne, said: "This amazing project and all Supergroup performances were led by Ben Sellers of Transformance Music and the audience were wowed with their compositions and performance. Our dedicated team can’t wait to start work on Sing Out, Play Out 2020."

Jo Scott, the Pathway leader and Head of Music at Chiltern School, said: "Our parents were really impressed and very emotional at what their children had accomplished. We’re very proud of our pupils and their achievements. Thanks for a wonderful opportunity."

Councillor Sue Clark, our Executive Member for Families, Education and Children, said: "These concerts are a wonderful experience for the children involved and a great showcase of their passion and hard work. Just to be there to see them perform at such fantastic venues, in front of friends and family, put smiles on everyone’s faces, while helping to raise the children’s self-esteem and confidence. The concerts are perfect example of the importance of music education."

Julie Ashwell from Raynsford Academy said: "This project is a year-long commitment which we buy into because we feel passionately that music is the universal language which brings people together and has the ability to lift, comfort, excite and inspire us. The concert was truly inspiring, and we celebrate the outstanding performances of the Venus class, who were exceptional."

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Photo courtesy of Traybake Studios.