Making a noise about wind band festival

Making a noise about wind band festival

It’s always great to hear what other people think about what we do.

So many thanks to Tracey Bottoms, who got in touch about our recent wind band festival at Redborne Upper School.

Her eight-year-old son Nathaniel was among a host of children who enjoyed the event.

She said: “I just wanted to write and say what an absolutely superb and lovely event the wind band festival was.  What a sight to see so many children and associated instruments present – it far exceeded my expectations and the chosen music was excellent.

“This was Nathaniel’s first wind band festival and he was one of the younger ones but how grown up and professional they all looked sat amongst the older students and what an impression those older students have made. 

“Nathaniel LOVED ABSOLUTELY EVERY MINUTE of the evening and came home on a real high and now can’t wait for the Jamboree day in April.  So, he has come home very inspired and wanting to achieve like the older students which I believe is your overriding aim.

Thank you for all the effort and time you put into organising these events – it is appreciated and was subsequently very much enjoyed.  We also know how much work organising events takes but I feel they are wonderful experiences for the children and gives them an opportunity to showcase all their hard work.

“I appreciate how difficult it can be to get funding for activities such as these but I think they are vital to show the younger players what can be achieved and to inspire them (excuse the pun).  Nathaniel is only eight years old, so to see the skill and expertise of some of the older players has made a huge impression.  I also know that his two classmates who are seven and eight really enjoyed the event as well.

“We are very grateful for Nathaniel having the opportunity to explore music and develop his creative side so, thank you Pauline [Naylor] for your ongoing encouragement and teaching throughout the year.”

If that’s inspired you then check out our events page for things you can get involved with.

Or if you can wait until after the Easter break on 22 April, why not come along to one of our Saturday morning music centres in Ampthill, Biggleswade, Dunstable or Leighton-Linslade?