Whole class practical musicianship

In keeping with the vision of the National Plan for Music, this provision is heavily subsidised and includes tuition and free loan of instruments per class, for an academic year.

Who is it for?

Every child in Mainstream and SEND Schools in:

  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 3

This provides them with the opportunity to develop their skills and understanding as a musician through playing a musical instrument.

What does it include?

A 50 to 60 minute session for up to a maximum of 33 children per week, for 11 weeks per term, to include:

  • singing
  • instrumental work
  • listening
  • composition
  • ensemble performance
  • music theory

Provision will be adapted to match the key stage being taught. Inspiring Music will provide:

  • specialist Instrumental Music Teacher
  • free loan of a class set of instruments (plus accessories if needed e.g. reeds, valve oil, strings, rosin)
  • planning
  • music and practice sheet
  • masters
  • performance opportunities
  • advice on curriculum links, development ideas, further resources and wider links

What instruments do we offer?

Schools can choose from the following instruments:

  • Pbone * (lightweight, colourful, plastic trombones)
  • Trumpet * (standard brass instrument)
  • Clarineo (lightweight, plastic clarinet for Years 4-6)
  • Clarinet (standard clarinet for Years 5-6)
  • Guitar (¾ or full-size instruments available)
  • Strings (½, ¾ or full sized violins and/or cellos as required)
  • Percussion (to suit specified age group)
  • Keyboard (split keyboards, children work in pairs)
  • Recorder (a great introductory instrument to the world of music)
  • Ukulele (easy to hold, light to carry and accessible by all)
  • Soundsmiths (SEND Music Technology)

What does the school need to provide?

The school needs to provide:

  • appropriate teaching space (use of the school hall required for instruments indicated with *)
  • staff participation and classroom management support
  • whiteboard and sound system
  • reproduction of practice sheets
  • safe storage space and responsibility of care for stock on loan

How much does it cost?

£333 per term - 11 weeks. This includes further subsidy for 2017-2018.

Duration of project

A whole academic year, with delivery can be structured as follows:

  • PM01: one class x 3 terms (Pbone, Trumpet, Clarineo, Guitar, Strings or Keyboard)
  • PM02: two classes x 1.5 terms (Guitar, Ukulele, Strings, Keyboard, Percussion or Recorder)
  • PM03: three classes x 1 term (Percussion, Recorder or Soundsmiths)

Please use the relevant PM code above when you make your booking.

Additional ensemble time is recommended for students who are taught for less than a year to give them continuity and the opportunity for progression.