Weekly ensemble / choir

This is now subsidised by Inspiring Music Hub funding, which means this is now 50% cheaper than before.

What does this offer?

Let our expert teachers tailor a group to meet your school’s needs, for example:

  • Violin Club
  • Ukulele Band
  • Flute Choir
  • String Ensemble
  • Brass Group
  • Recorder Group
  • Woodwind Ensemble
  • Wind Band
  • String Orchestra
  • Folk Group
  • Keyboard Club
  • Choir
  • Singing Stars
  • Mixed Bag! (whatever combination or level of abilities your pupils have).

Session details

Sessions to suit the school timetable.

How much does it cost?

The cost quoted below is for 10 weeks per term, further sessions can be purchased if required.

  • 20-minute ensemble: £150 per 10-week term *
  • 30-minute ensemble: £225 per 10-week term *
  • 40-minute ensemble: £300 per 10-week term
  • 60-minute ensemble: £450 per 10-week term

* Availability is dependent upon a tutor being already on-site for Whole Class, Individual or Small Group Tuition.

Booking code

Please use booking code IE01 when you make your booking..